Hiding Behind the Lipstick is truly a breath of fresh air. It is a unique combination of praise & worship, poetry, expressive dance, and a powerful message. It is highly engaging, thought provoking, inspirational and relevant. This revolutionary concept has changed the way women think, feel, and live life. It is absolutely amazing in form, presentation and spirit.

Hiding Behind the Lipstick is an empowering event reaching and impacting women from all demographics and walks of life. The women that attend these events are hungry for continual growth and enrichment, see faith as the center of their lives, and have a burning desire to be a better person.

The Hiding Behind the Lipstick events are housed in a loving and accepting environment of truth and honesty where women are challenged to reflect on who they really are and what they present to the world. If change is needed in a personal life, thought process and relationship with God, this experience is perfect. 

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Hiding Behind the Lipstick Commercial

Hiding Behind the Lipstick Commercial #1

Hiding Behind the Lipstick Commercial 

Myesha Chaney HBTL

Hiding Behind the Lipstick: How It Started


HBTL: Liz's Story

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HBTL: Kim's Story

HBTL: Kim's Story